About Us

Data Projects was formed in 1997 with a primary objective, to provide small to mid-size businesses with a seasoned perspective on integration of business requirements with available technology. 

The team at Data Projects has years of experience in the fields of business management, engineering, project management, accounting, I.T. management, process control, and pharmacy management. 

The primary objective of the business philosophy of Data Projects is to establish long-term relationships with clients and vendors by providing, implementing and managing effective technical vertical business solutions, which enable our clients to respond with speed and flexibility to the requirements of their marketplace from within a stable network infrastructure. 

Data Projects preferred clients are well-managed small to medium sized companies where our efforts have a direct impact on the efficiency and productivity of the enterprise. Successful relationships have been formed with law firms, dental and medical practitioners, industrial sales and support firms, financial consulting and accounting firms, advertising agencies, construction companies, aviation flight and maintenance operations.

Data Projects employs the following strategic alliances to provide the stated solutions:

  • Microsoft Inc. – Server and workstation operating systems, office interoperability and productivity software.

  • Dell Inc. – Proven hardware platforms for servers and workstations.

  • Time Warner Cable Buiness Class, CBeyond Communications,Towerstream - Integrated voice and data connectivity.

  • Avaya – Leading provider of award-winning business telephone systems.

  • Toshiba, Inc. – Premier provider of office automation and print management solutions.

  • SonicWALL Inc. – Firewall and security solutions for business networks.

  • Sophos and Sunbelt Software – Anti virus, anti spam and backup solutions.